Monday, January 29, 2018

Things have been Quiet

Finding the perfect hat

Taylor has been feeling a bit under the weather. Two Sundays ago it seemed like Taylor had an ear infection, however the doctor said it looked good, no infection. So the diagnosis was likely viral. She has been okay, although a bit withdrawn. She tends to get a fever, so not quite sure what is going on other then a viral infection. We took Taylor shopping for a fancy hat as we really wanted to do a fancy picture as my friend Wendy was in town to visit and that is something we adult girls do. I thought it would be a great opportunity to capture some photos of Taylor.

Taylor with her Cousin at her Cheer Showcase at Salisbury school
Taylor has not wanted to go to school. I am unsure if its just not feeling well or the reality of what she can't do anymore. She has kept busy at home with helping Dad redo the craft room, baking and cooking with Mindy, and visiting with her grandparents. She had a lot of fun last week with Nana and Grandpa playing Uno. 

Taylor was super resistant and it took constant coaxing. We finally got her to pick a hat. Win! This last Sunday we planned to do the pictures. Again it was pulling teeth a bit, we got her to let Mindy curl her hair. 

Wendy then let Taylor do her makeup, and then Mindy did Taylor's makeup. 

I had Taylor try some of Aaryanna's dresses, and jewellery, then we were all ready to take some photos.

I think she had fun, putting up with us being totally ridiculous. 

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Unknown said...

Great Job in picking out a hat. Looks like you all had fun dressing up and taking photos. Missing you. Love Mrs. Reaney