Saturday, January 6, 2018

Christmas Break Quickly Coming to an End

I really don't know where the time goes.

Taylor has been doing really, really good since Christmas. We have spent most days wandering around at short intervals, playing Uno, making lists and updating her agenda. She wanted a Happy Planner like Mindy and I, so she could "journal" with us, LOL. Taylor is very much like me, and loves stationary and tape, stickers, pens, etc. She wanted Flair pens, as Mindy has them, as do I, so I gave her a set.

Taylor is texting up a storm lately. She has been doing an absolutely awesome job sending messages. We get lots of creative spelling, but I see huge improvements in her spelling and ability to communicate in writing,which she has always struggled with. We also do random emojis back and forth to each other, as well as audio messages. She really seems to love doing it, unless of course she is busy, then she gets irritated by people messaging her, LOL, and will respond with, "I don't care"; however, this just means she is tired, or busy. I have been trying to encourage her to just say that, but this is an issue the psychologist have been warning about. Her ability to communicate is becoming more difficult, and she doesn't always know how to express herself.

We had some great "breakthroughs". Taylor has not wanted pictures taken and she has been super resistant and gets angry. I think because she is slowly feeling better so she is not quite as irritated when she catches us snapping the few shots we try to get. On Christmas Day, out of the blue when I asked if she was wearing a dress, as I was wearing a dress, she sent me a SELFIE! I cannot explain how AMAZING this was. Taylor and I have always sent each other silly pictures of ourselves, and videos, but it hasn't happened reciprocally in a long, long time. I send her photos, but she never sends me ones of herself lately, other people yes, NEVER her. So since she got sick I have had nothing. This was a true Christmas gift. She has not sent another, but I am an optimist.

Another breakthrough was her staying overnight at my house. She wanted to on the Friday December 22nd, when school went out for the break, but she got nervous and Mindy and Landon picked her up. So I told her we would just keep trying and that it was okay if she got nervous and scared, we would just keep doing it. On New Years Day, Taylor and Kiandra (her cousin, my niece) were chatting on FaceTime, and Taylor invited Kiandra to come sleepover at my place. So Kiandra came over, the girls played Uno, watched movie, etc. and Taylor actually stayed the night! Hurrah, movement in her becoming more independent.

We went shopping the next day, grabbing McDonald's for lunch. It has been a slow week, lots of visits. Taylor went out with her Nana and Grandpa on Thursday, then over to Grandma Josie's on Friday. She seems much more settled and happier. She of course still gets tired easily, but she is in a much more positive mood. They have lowered her steroids, and she does not take much for pain medication either at this point. She is still wanting to go back to school, so we will see how that works out.

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