Sunday, January 14, 2018

What has been Happening

So as most know Taylor went to school on Monday and stayed the whole day. I updated some awareness we developed due to her day. Taylor was very tired from the day, so Tuesday she decided she would stay home and rest. She was in good spirits and had a great visit with her psychologist at the Kids with Cancer House. As an aside, I just want to say how absolutely AMAZING the Kids with Cancer Society is for families with children with Cancer, as well as post cancer issues.

If you are looking for a great place to donate, or do a fundraiser I would wholeheartedly encourage you to donate to this society. They have been an absolutely vital part of our journey with Taylor, supporting during treatments as well as after. So many people do not realize that after you undergo cancer treatments, kids are left with different issues, especially in their education/learning. The society educates and supports children and families to navigate and get the support they need for these kids to be successful. I put a link to their website in the name of the society  (above paragraph).

Wednesday January 10th, Taylor again went to school. It was a short day, and she again stayed the entire day. I believe she will probably go every other day, that way she gets some rest in between. She did not want to go Friday though as her teacher would be away. They all had a relaxing day, I came for a visit after school and we played UNO. I think I have surprised Taylor as I am winning more after taking on some of her tactics, LOL.

Thursday, Taylor went to visit Grandpa and Nana. They went to see the movie Ferdinand, which she enjoyed. She was super excited to see them, and I am seeing her behaviour as much more like her regular self. So glad she's having these good days.

Saturday she went for a sleepover at Grandma's house with her cousin Kiandra. They had fun shopping, finding some new snow jackets as hers are a bit tight. They went to Lingnan's for dinner with family friends, Lorne, June, and Corrie-Lynn. Taylor was having fun when she FaceTimed me, enjoying Kiandra being silly.

Mindy, Landon and Taylor plan to head to the mountains Monday for a few days. Landon really wants to share the beauty and joy he gets from snowmobiling with Taylor, but up until now she has not wanted to go. I am hoping they have a wonderful trip!

Updates. I have people wanting updates all the time. I want to just tell everyone that I will share information WHEN I HAVE TIME, or if something should happen. If there are no updates, it is generally a symptom of me being busy (I work full-time and have my own family), and not much is happening with Taylor. If something bad happens with Taylor I have always updated quickly. ALWAYS! So please respect that if nothing is being posted, nothing is happening. I appreciate everyone cares, but its unrealistic to update all the time, especially when not much is happening. I try to conserve my energy for when its needed. Please stay warm everyone, enjoy your loved ones, as we just never know when that will be ripped from us.

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