Monday, February 12, 2018

Getting Ready to Pink!

Taylor seems to be getting over her virus. She has taken up painting and seems to be enjoying creating art. Her appetite seems to be coming back, which is good, as we were a bit concerned.

My original piece of art...notice the L

Also she helped make a cheer poster to cheer on her cousin Aaryanna

So Dr. Witol had a bit of a discovery in regards to taylor's continued withdrawl from doing things. She remembered Taylor saying that her brain didn't like to do the things she used to like to do. So she thought it would be good to relook at Taylor's MRI scans to see where the tumour was sitting. The pons is like the freeway for the brain that sends messages from the part of the brain that processes information, to the pleasure centres, and to the decision making areas, etc.  so the tumour is impacting the way her brain processes information; making her question whether doing things are worth the effort/energy expended doing things, but it also can impact whether she gets pleasure from doing activities  

Dr. Witol figures that we may be able to grease the wheels a bit more upfront (allow her to process new things and experiences) and coach her brain to re-learn things. Taylor will still likely have a pull to staying with her routines, however, it may help increase important things that they as a family want as priorities. This doesn't mean that she will go back to her old self, but that she may be more willing to try things that at this point she is shutting down on. Certainly was very positive discovery!

Right now we are gearing up for pinking. We need to start raising funds, and hope everyone will support us in this fundraiser. I am sending the link to our team: Taylor's Wish Warriors:

Once the pinking is done we will get some pictures to share.

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