Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Relief

Well it has been a busy holiday season. We spent some time shopping and socializing. Taylor has progressively been weening off of all the drugs in her system and it has made a difference in her anger and swearing. She was really good Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, way more herself.

Taylor is getting more affectionate again, but still is not liking crowds. She has seemed tired, but I think is getting better from not having to run all over all the time for radiation and appointments. I know she really wants to go back to school come January, and we will see how she does. I do not think she will make it for the whole day, but I think its important for her to have control and decide herself that she can't do full days. I know Mindy and Landon are going to try to build some routine into the days as she loves routine, and having things to look forward to doing.

Everyone was great at Christmas allowing her to have her space, not hugging her or kissing her. This had been one of her biggest fears/anxieties lately, people in her space. I also know its been hard for people to not always be around her and Landon and Mindy.

Thank you to everyone who has gone out of there way to bring food and gifts for all of them. Kids with Cancer were extremely generous and thoughtful, taking pictures of presents she could chose from, then rounding them all up for her. They gave lovely treats, and a whoville tree. Tara Lamabe gave them some tickets for Millenium to take Taylor swimming.

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