Monday, December 4, 2017

Disney Cruise

Well yesterday they left at the crack of dawn (4:30 am) for the airport. It was a looooong flight, with some delays, and rushing around. They got to Florida around 3:30pm. Taylor got to go and see the cockpit of the airplane, and was give chocolate bars by the pilots...Taylor was quite pleased.

Mindy said Taylor was grumpy and bored by the last hour of the flight.

So after they got checked into their hotel they went for something to eat, followed by a swim in the hotels infinity pool.
Infinity pool

Apparently their original room had a lovely view of the airport so the hotel staff upgraded their room for the :)

View from their new room
So today they made their way to the cruise. They had a lovely welcome, followed by the safety drill. Taylor was not very impressed with the life jacket.

I haven't heard too much yet about what happened next, but I am pretty sure Taylor sent me a text on Landon's phone saying, "It's ridiculous here. It was a big party." Maybe it was Landon, LOL but sounds exciting and like they are having fun. I asked if they had an option to go into a shark cage if they would do that....they said, "NO!" LOL

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