Friday, December 15, 2017

Helping with Freezer Meals or Fresh Food

Okay, so I know I sent out a help request on food, and of course then people want to know more about what they like and don't like...I know most, but double checked with Mindy and I want to share her response as it's cute. She can strangle me later.

Here it is:

Hello Darling,

Landon and I aren’t seafood fans at all, but we like pretty well everything else LOL (hence our curvy figures) - except Landon and T aren’t a huge fan of Brussel sprouts, but I like them.

Right now Taylor likes fried rice, Mac and cheese casseroles, aunties cheesy potatoes, meatless pasta dishes and treatsšŸ¤£.  I would caution folks against things that are on the hot and spicy side as T doesn’t handle them well and Landon is kind of wimpy if it is too spicy.

Indian food
Greek food
Tacos and Mexican style dishes
Stir fry’s
Pasta (cream or tomato base)
Roast beef
Pork chops
Chicken anything really (we will eat dark and white meat but I tend to prefer white)
Potatoes and rice done all different ways breads/buns
Soups, stews, chilli
Gravy, cheese, sauces

There isn’t much we don’t like - if people have ideas I’m sure you would be a good judge. We like home cooking and comfort food LMAO.  And we will gladly accept any home baked goodness in any form - sweet or savoury, muffins, scones, biscuits, cookies, bars, cupcakes LOL


I will send out an update later if I have any new news. I do know that Cheryl is coming to do a bang cut for Taylor as her bangs are driving her nuts, and she wants some auntie bangs again, LOL. Mom is swinging by with some food, I think roast beef and mashed potatoes (in case someone wants to know, LOL).

Taylor also got her second 12 Days of Christmas drop. She was over the moon again. She kept reminding Mindy and Landon yesterday that she needed to check the front door in case someone had come by, so she is TOTALLY LOVING this and looks forward to it everyday. I will attach pictures later too!

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