Thursday, July 2, 2009

Taylor is having chemo today

Well Mindy and Taylor went in this morning for chemo. I guess it was complete chaos as it was really busy. So because of the backlog Mindy and Taylor got a pass to leave for a few hours. Mindy came over and we went for a walk to grab a slurpee and go to the park. Taylor had to be back for 6:00 pm so she is probably getting chemo now. 

This chemo was cut back by 20% as it was always causing her counts to be low and she had lots of side effects that were hard on her, it also made her chemo cycles off as they would have to wait for her counts to go back up. So hopefully this cut back will do the trick. Taylor is still cute as ever. So as of right now all is great, but I will keep you posted They hope to be out tomorrow as this is a "quick" chemo.LOL

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