Monday, July 20, 2009

Okay so here is the low down...

Taylor went for her blood work today, which was fine; however, she has a boogie filled nose that they swabbed to check if she is sick. They are in for chemo, but do to Taylor potentially being sick they are being "isolated", which really means they get a luxury visit as they have their own room and not as many people going through. Yeah! LOL Mindy is really tired and not feeling great. She has a sore throat and was feeling a bit nauseous. Hopefully it is nothing. It was probably "stress" due to Mindy worrying Taylor would get sick on our trip (Mindy's words, not mine).

The MRI has now been moved as well to Friday. This sucks as it would have been nice to have it over with instead of probably having to come back into the city. Anyhow I will keep you posted on what happens next. Other than that Taylor is in good spirits, looks healthy, etc. Mindy needs rest, and possibly her own visit to the hospital.

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