Wednesday, July 22, 2009

They will be out tomorrow

Well I saw Mindy briefly. Seems although I am off it is hard to get up and visit for long periods due to my kids. Mindy is pretty bored, but doing okay as at least they have a private room. Apparently lots of the kids are sick right now, so many are in isolation. H1N1 is causing the hospital to be extra cautious (which is good).

So MRI will be friday, but results will probably not be in until next week. When I know I will update. I pray we get another good one.

Landon is off starting Friday I believe so they are going to have some vacation time together. Not sure what they are doing, but I believe a trip to the Calgary Zoo may be one thing they do this summer. Obviously they will need to be taking Miss Taylor to the lake as she loves the water sooo much.LOL

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine. I believe we brought it back from Kelowna with us, so your all very welcome.LOL

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