Friday, March 13, 2009

Saw my girls Tuesday

Well Mindy and Taylor did come over on Tuesday. Taylor would look at me an cry, looking away! She was totally playing strange...hurting my ego, amazing that they can do that. Well she just has not figured out yet that I am SUPER AUNTIE(Said in a loud announcer voice with tons of excitement)! Who does she think she is? LOL She did get better later, but I think she was cranky as well as couldn't figure out who the heck I was.LOL I was wearing lots of makeup(red lipstick) and had red on with dark red glasses so maybe she hates my fashion sense.LMAO

Anyhow she looks great! Cute as a button. She is starting to look like a more mature baby? Well hard to explain but she looks like she is aging...duh! but anyhow someone will understand me so I guess that is my audience.LOL

So Taylor is doing really well, Mindy has a stunning new haircut..she looks like Mom and I! LOL Funny how that happens. Landon is now back home and working by the location by their house. So all is well.

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