Monday, March 9, 2009

I think Mindy is trying to steal my blog!LOL


Mindy is right I have been busy. I am missing them very much as I feel like I have not seen them for a million years. Mindy says Taylor is doing good, apparently she is a circus performer in her Jolly Jumper...jumping away, doing the splits, turns and Mindy figures soon it will be flips.LOL

I hope you are all enjoying this miraculous weather. I was hoping we would have an 8 month winter this year and look that is what we all have been blessed with.LMAO Enough bloody winter already!

Mindy has had her hair colored and gets it cut this wednesday. So I am hoping we can all go out soon, or at least us girls, to have some fun! Us girls are really sooo amazing and deserve the night out, so I hope you are all ready as I want to dance! LOL Nothing like shaking my big fat Mommy butt with some teenagers!LOL Honestly I have been wanting to but this weather has not been cooperating so all of you that may be wondering our party is coming, but I want to wait so we don't get caught in a bloody blizzard, although that might be fun as we could seek shelter at a luxury hotel, maybe get some spa treatment, eat room service....wake up Leah, wake up! Anyhow soon we will PARTY!!!

I may get to see Mindy and Taylor today so cross you fingers for me. Also they have Taylor's pictures updated so if you haven't seen the latest check it out!

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