Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taylor's chemo & kidney test

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since my last post. My sister has been extremely busy and has left the updates to me lately, but I have been forgetting to actually do it.

Taylor went in on Wednesday last week (March 4th) for a kidney test (GFR) to ensure that the chemo isn't damaging her kidneys. What they had to do was inject dye into her body and at 1 hour and 3 hours post injection, take a blood test to ensure that her kidneys are filtering properly. That was a VERY yucky day for Taylor, they said they couldn't inject the dye into her broviac line and pull the blood from the line as well, so they would have to put an IV in. She is a very tough girl to get an IV in, as her veins are so little, and she has my rolling veins, which makes it almost impossible to get a good line. So, I had explained this to the nurses, but they insisted that they had to put an IV in...well 5 tries later, and a very upset crying baby, they ended up making an exception and using her broviac line anyway. I was very upset that they put her through all that torture over the course of an hour, the oncology nurses told me I should put my foot down next time as that was completely unreasonable.

So, after all that, Taylor was in a super great mood for the rest of the day, it is amazing how forgiving a baby can be - thank goodness. We ended up bouncing back and forth between the Oncology ward and the radiology ward in the hospital for the entire day, as we were also prepping for chemo that day as well, so she had lots of blood tests, and a check up with the doctors. So, everything came back normal, which was great, and we got a bed for chemo that day as well. We were discharged on Thursday morning (March 5th) and Taylor has been feeling great so far.

We had a great week really, Danielle and Benjamin came over on Tuesday before we went to the hospital, so that she could watch the puppies for us. Landon ended up coming home on Thursday as well, since the roads were so bad that they couldn't pack up any more equipment to be sent home. So, we had a nice visit with Danielle and Benjamin and Landon has been home and has had some time to get some things done around the house (replacing the humidifier, setting up a home server, etc.)

Well today is Sunday and the weather is crummy still, so we haven't been doing much...we haven't left the house for 2 days now. We are looking forward to a good week of visiting and being productive before we have to go back to the hospital next week again for chemo. All in all, we have been doing good and enjoying Taylor's new developments...she really likes the jolly jumper, and playing with her toys...and even likes having baths now, which is CRAZY since she hated them for so long.

Well, that's all for now folks, we will post again soon if anything exciting happens this week.


Mindy, Landon & Taylor

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