Sunday, February 25, 2018

Wonderful Weekend!

On Saturday Landon took Taylor snowmobiling. They had an absolutely fantastic time. The people that owned the farm made them a camp fire and let them cook hot dogs and smokies. They also had some hot chocolate, and saw farm animals.

After a wonderful day snowmobiling they headed home and Taylor went for a movie at the neighbours house. It has been awesome seeing her embracing things she loved doing before. The neighbours were always her special people, so its great she is wanting to broaden her social world again.

We are hoping to get another MRI to see what the radiation may have done for Taylor's tumour as its odd how well she is doing. I know that sounds weird, but she really has snapped into a lot more of herself, something that was not expected. Everyone, including the doctors are really happy, but had not foreseen her doing so well. I am not saying that her tumour is cured, more to see what is happening. I still am praying for a miracle, and hope everyone else is too.

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Unknown said...

Looks like she had an awesome weekend!
Fingers crossed for a positive MRI 😁