Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Taylor has been Swimming

Things have been fairly quiet lately. Taylor has been feeling good. She has been a bit more adventurous, taking some pictures with the Snapchat filters, wanting to do more visiting, and yesterday when they went visiting Taylor who has been super nervous and clingy swam by herself! This is a really big deal as it shows her developing her confidence again. Taylor is laughing more, and talking more. We are all feeling like we are seeing our firecracker coming back out of her shell.

We are getting our hair pinked, mine is done, Mindy had hers done today and Landon and Taylor are doing theirs on Friday.

Taylor is getting so pumped, and even is toying with shaving hers. I told her she doesn't have to, as has Mindy and Landon. The kid has had enough changes and things taken from her, I don't want her to feel weird. She was so excited and happy about her school pinking and having the Hair Massacre come to her school. She was absolutely over the moon that she was in the promotion video:

We are making some team sweatshirts with Taylor's Wish Warriors on it, and maybe a picture...I will show everyone once we are done. Taylor picked out the letter colours, a beautiful teal green sparkly paper...yup, total magpie! She is kind of like me with fashion, loud and proud. 

Is you would like to help us raise money for this worthy cause, please just hit the link: Taylor's Wish Warriors

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