Saturday, February 21, 2009

They finally got a bed


Events unfolded this week a bit unplanned. On Wednesday Landon was sent home as someone "blew up" the plant. So that was great. Mindy has been waiting since Wednesday to get a bed at the hospital as they were all full. She can only be on the Oncology ward when she gets chemo as only a few nurses are trained for that, so its not that all hospital beds were full, just oncology.

Yesterday in the late afternoon, after much frustrated waiting (couldn't do anything, but wait!) they got a bed. Mindy and Taylor should be in the hospital probably until Tuesday when Taylor gets her MRI. Landon should be leaving Tuesday...

Mindy is hoping that they will put Taylors next chemo off a bit so that Landon will be home for the dogs, instead of the regular gong show she preforms. I hope to get up there so I will let you know the details later.

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