Monday, February 16, 2009


Good news. Mindy and Taylor will be off to see Landon in Ponoka tomorrow. THey have reserved one of the posh hotels out the NEW SUPER 8!!! Wow, hope they get some pictures...LMAO

So maybe next time I am on I can reveal their hot and heavy reunion.LOL Nope don't think that will ever happen.LOL TOO WEIRD! Anyhow I hope they have a great visit. Mindy should be back in to the hospital with Taylor I am thinking on Wednesday and be there until Saturday. So go for a visit or drop her a line....after tomorrow of course.

Hope you all had an amazing Family Day. Me and my kids did our shopping (still searching for a kids size 1 skate for Aaryanna who needs skates and a hockey helmet for school for one hour of skating...sometimes I hate teachers.LOL).We also did a "family" wash Mommies car.LOL

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