Thursday, September 30, 2010

update from meeting

Okay so the scoop is she has cancer now in the spine and brain. They are going to do radiation on her entire brain and spine in the hopes of killing it or prolonging her life by staving off the cancer. She will have around 33 straight days of radiation, hopefully starting in 3 weeks. Of course MRI's will continue every 3 months. She may have learning developmental delays and growth stunting. Her pituitary gland will be fried so they will need to give her hormones, etc. She will probably be shorter.

Keep up the prayers and wishes. We need HOPE for the journey ahead. Taylor is such a miracle it is so hard to believe looking at her that this is really happening. She seems so healthy, smart and happy. Tomorrow they will be talking to the neuro-psychologist and maybe we will learn more about potential delays. Will let you know when I know.



Anonymous said...

I am heartsick over this latest news. Grandma Josie and I keep in touch through e-mail and I read her update yesterday. I've always had Taylor in my prayers - she is an ependy fighter and I want her to win! I love the newest family pictures you've posted too - love from Johnny Sileno's proud Mima, Kathy

Leah said...

Thanks Kathy, we are not giving up. We are tattooing Hope with the gold cancer ribbon on our wrists to keep us focused on this battle. It is so difficult to grasp as she looks so healthy and is so smart, you would never know it is as bad as it is. Thanks for your prayers we need them! Love Leah Taylor's Nutty Aunt who will never give up!