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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It is back...

Well our hearts all started to ache today. Landon and Mindy got a call about scheduling a meeting tomorrow...she just had the MRI yesterday, so that was pretty quick. Landon and Mindy both texted me at school if I could take the day off and I think my heart stopped, knowing that was out of the ordinary. I texted Landon back and he told me that it was back. Nurse Claire always tells them right away if its good and she didn't so it was a sure answer that they found something. Landon called and got it out of her that they found some in her spine this time. Our hearts all ache, we of course were hoping for a different outcome.

So although this is devastating news we will see tomorrow what the game plan will be. Hopefully its just in the spine, hopefully it can be killed with Radiation. I will update you all tomorrow on what will happen. I am going to the hospital with them, this is just too devastating for words. Our Dad was just diagnosed with Terminal Colon cancer, he has months to live and now this...

Please pray for Taylor. I am asking for you to send Landon, Mindy and Taylor all your hopes and wishes tomorrow and for the days to come. Keep repeating "When you think hope is gone, that is when you need to look farther than the eyes can see."

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