Sunday, December 6, 2009

Taylor is doing great!

Just a quick update on Taylor. She is doing excellent. The only real set back from radiation seems to be her tiredness, but that is nothing! She was evaluated the other day to check her development. Apparently she knows 22 words, and is above the average...imagine what she would have been doing if she had her whole brain.LOL Kidding. She is so amazing!

She is so funny she says so clearly "Mommy" and "My Mommy" she reminds me of the little italian boy in "Life is Beautiful" the way she says it. She still call Landon "Nanny", but can also say "Daddy".

She absolutely LOVES the stairs. She likes to go up and down. We took her to Sherwood Park Mall on Saturday and she rode the big Clifford ride, which she loved and cried when she was taken off.LOL Kids!

This week Landon, Mindy and Taylor are off to the "Snowflake Gala", which I am sure will be tons of fun! We all cannot wait for Enbridge's Kids Party at Galaxyland. This will be her first time enjoying the fun, which I am sure will blow her mind.LOL

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