Thursday, December 24, 2009


Merry Christmas or Season's Greetings!

Not much new at this point. Taylor is doing well, I get to see her tomorrow. It has been a very eventful year, so much has happened. We have progressed throughout the year beyond where I sometimes thought we would be. The beginning of the year was a hard year. Taylor already had her first surgery, followed by a few others due to the broviac, etc. Chemo was wearing us all down and it was very sad seeing Taylor so sick, Mindy exhausted and Landon stressed...we managed to pull everything together to an extent after Landon returned home from working out of town(seemed a bit easier with a second parent on the scene). taylor seemed to take Chemo much better(still sick, but not as bad) and we all started to learn more.

We had the Kids with Cancer Walk, Taylor's first vacation to Kelowna, so many firsts happened this year.

I just want to thank all of you for the ongoing support. We all could not make it through this without all of your kindness, prayers, hopes and wishes! I hope you all have an amazing holiday! Soon hopefully we can celebrate Taylor's end to radiation and later Cancer Free! God Bless, please don't stop praying, wishing and hoping for Taylor our miracle child!

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