Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taylor is ONE!!!!


I am going to stop apologizing for not keeping this all know the drill and lists of excuses!

So today is the anniversary of Taylor's MRI. It was such a black day that day last year. I remember feeling like the ski was falling, that how were we all going to deal with these results. Than we found out there was a tumor that HAD to come out...we faced Taylor having to have surgery and not knowing if she would survive, or be damaged from the surgery. It was so scary and I am feeling so blessed that the darkness those first days and months have ended. I think we are all stronger and more blessed because of Taylor. I know that whatever comes next we will be able to get through...that times may get hard again, but we will survive because Taylor is our shining star on a dark night.

Saturday was Taylor's First Birthday Party. Not all of you could come as there was just too much going on. Please don't feel left out as we are actually hoping to have a special party once we know what the next year holds for Taylor. The meeting on Taylor's next year has not happened yet, but should soon as it is the anniversary dates. I hope we can perhaps look at doing a fundraiser or some special thing to give back to the stollery for the amazing care they have given to Taylor as well as the support offered Mindy & Landon.

Taylor has been great. A bit on the whinny side, but hey, she is now a big girl. One whole year old! Taylor has *hopefully* her last chemo this Wednesday, September 16th. It is the anniversary of her neurosurgery at 6 days old. SO please keep your prayers for Taylor going as well as cross everything you can that Taylor gets a cancer free card soon!

Love you all!

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