Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Chemo today

Taylor did not go in for chemo today as she was neutropenic. So maybe next week.

Mindy says she has told most people so I will let the cat out of the bag. Taylor is scheduled for another brain surgery on October 6 or 7th. They need to get a "horn" that was left last surgery as it could cause problems with seizures later. There were also 2-3 spots they are unsure of and need to check. Everything will be tested for cancer growth. It may be nothing or it may be something, they need to go back in to see. Please keep Taylor in your prayers as I am sure the surgery will be fine, but I would rather error on the side of caution.

Had a little visit with Mindy & Taylor. Taylor looks great! She is into everything and traveling at warp speed.LOL

Remember it is the time that Terry Fox runs and Cancer fundraisers are happening at school. Try to support or raise awareness. I would love to see Cancer cured in my lifetime so that we can worry about more important things. This is a battle we must win! Too many suffer through this. My school has decided to do a Alberta Cancer Institute fundraiser so that we can direct money raised by our school directly towards the Cross Cancer in Edmonton. We have many dealing with Cancer in our school community and felt this was the best way for us to raise money.

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