Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer has ended

Well, summer is officially over. My sister Leah and the kids are back to school, and Taylor and I are off for a few more months. I went to work on August 31st to clear my Maternity Leave, and have taken a leave of absence until the end of October. Hopefully we will have more answers in October as to what our future holds.

We went in for chemo again this week on Wednesday and were released today. Taylor has been feeling good so far, so my fingers are crossed that we get to enjoy the long weekend at home.

Taylor's First Birthday is around the Thursday September 10th - Can you believe it has already been a whole year? I am still wondering where the time went. We plan to have a small birthday party for her next weekend, and are thinking that a really big End of Chemo bash will be in order pending everything we are told in October goes well.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather, and has a great long weekend.


Mindy, Landon & Taylor

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