Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taylor had chemo today

Well Mindy and Taylor went in for chemo yesterday, but did not get the chemo until today. Taylor looks great. Apparently she was a bit of a handful today as she wanted to be held or with Mindy ALL DAY so Mindy would have to put her in the stroller and take her to the bathroom with her.LOL

Taylor has found a new fun toy. There is a little push car she can sit on and you take her for a stroll. She bounces around in her seat, puts her leg up and yells out or grunts when you stop and she wants to keep moving.LOL She has kept up to being a "smile slut" as she just blinks her big blue eyes and gives her 2 tooth smile to anyone walking by that glances at her. Of course everyone comments on how lovely she is, so I guess she is only living up to what everyone else thinks.LOL

Mindy is good. A bit tired, but they will be out probably tomorrow morning. So have a great weekend and enjoy the lovely sun that we have!

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