Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hi Everyone,

Since Leah is too busy and feels there isn't much for her to report, I figured I would post a little update. Landon has posted new pictures on our website

Taylor is doing AMAZING, she is enjoying being at home with Landon during the day. They usually go for a sled ride with the beagles - they pull her on her sled, and she loves it. As soon as she sees the sled she gets excited and climbs in - grabs her snow suit and hat and tries to put them on. She will also bring you shoes and a coat if she can reach them.

She is saying more words lately, she says puppy, daddy, mommy, yucky, hot, uh oh, and alot of other words that we don't know - she talks all day.

Things have been plugging along, I have been busy being back at work, spending some time with friends, and trying to go to the gym a couple of days a week. Taylor has a check up on February 5th to get her central line flushed, and get some blood work done. She only has to go in once a month now. She also is going to meet her new Paediatrician that we were referred to from the Stollery. Other than that, she hasn't had to go to the doctors or for any hospital visits since Leah's last post.

While we were in Banff two weekends ago, we met up with an old friend of ours - Kat Yeomans - she is shaving her head for cancer in Taylor's honor. She has a facebook group set up that I sent to all of my friends, as well as you can find her name on the following link to make a pledge. We will be going to Canmore on the weekend of June 8th to watch Kat shave her head for this wonderful cause.

My aunt Ruth is also doing the ride to conquer cancer for Taylor and other family members and friends that have been impacted by Cancer, as well as Enbridge, my work, is one of the sponsors of this event, they have a large team riding this year.

So, if you have a bunch of money burning a hole in your pocket, or are looking to make a donation to a good cause, there are a couple that are being done that are close to home. You will get a tax receipt, so you can claim it on your taxes too!

We are getting closer to April, when Taylor will have her first MRI post radiation, and we are getting a little nervous, the MRI is April 9th, and we will get the results on April 15th, so keep on praying and sending your positive thoughts, as we aren't free of this nightmare yet, even though Taylor doesn't let on that there is still a fight going on.

Hope everyone is well, take care.

Landon, Mindy & Taylor

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