Saturday, January 9, 2010

taylor had her "End of Treatment" release!

Well now that Radiation is done the doctor's rounded up the small Thiessen family for the "end of treatment" meeting (just a technicality). The meeting was to forecast a potential plan of action for the upcoming months and years for Taylor. So I would like to share what may happen:
  • Taylor will continue to have tests monthly that test blood and flush her line for the next 3 months.
  • In April the i-vad should be removed (another surgery to remove it)
  • April 5th MRI, GFRI (Kidneys), hearing tests, etc...basically see that everything is working and functioning as it should after all the Chemo and radiation.
  • MRI's will be every 3 months for a year. After 2 years (not her age, I think after a year after treatment) it will be every 4 months, after 3 years every 6 months and 4-10 years every year. This could be age, but I am thinking it is after treatment...I will correct when Mindy laughs at me for screwing up the information.LOL
So everyone was very pleased with Taylor. The remarks tended to be towards the amazement that Taylor has done so well through all of this as well as thrived. That it is crazy she is exactly where she should be for development, etc. Taylor has not shown any mental development issues as of yet, she is top of the class! (LOL that was more my opinion, but she is above average in her development). All her nurses were around to see her and cooed over how big she is (they have known her pretty much from birth).

Compliments went out to how amazing Mindy and Landon have been through all of this...They are proof that this can be done!

I know Mindy is wanting to get a party together so I will update when I get some news. Remember this is a forecast if things stay perfect. Things will change quickly if anything happens.

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