Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 1 of chemo...

So Mindy had an exciting start to her day. Today they started chemo...Taylor decided to yank out her tubes...some BIG problems go along as it messes up the i-vad...needless to say after blood thinner and another test tube x-ray Taylor was back up in running.

Taylor I guess was a grump this morning. She would flip out and cry whenever someone touched her or said hi (Hospital staff, not Mindy), but eventually she was much happier this afternoon when I saw her( I totally think it is me because I am her FAVOURITE AUNT!!LMAO).

Mindy seems to have a cold. I think it may just be that she is tired from Taylor not sleeping very well lately. So all is well right now. Mindy was feeling much better after she had some benadryl. I will get an update later as Grandma is always up to see them after work.

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