Saturday, August 22, 2009

Darn it all, her numbers were just a bit low to go home...

Well Taylor has been doing good ever since the fiasco of pulling out her tube. They were hoping to get out today, but her numbers were just a bit for sure tomorrow they will get out. Mindy had a visit from Landon, and of course Mom has been there everyday. I missed today as my husband is going in to with drawls not having me at his beck and call.LOL Kidding...but he does want to spend "time" together.

Mindy & I had a "movie" night last night. We watched "17 Again" was cute, with light humor. I am getting excited as is Mindy & Landon for Taylor's first birthday. Not sure what will happen as far as parties, but we will wait and see. It is one of those tough times to plan as it also falls to when they are looking at what is going to happen next with Taylor's health. I am sure though that we can figure out something special.LOL

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