Thursday, September 6, 2018

FYI and Taylor's Wish List and/or Gift Ideas

Taylor's First Day of Grade 4!

Hello! Well I am overwhelmed by the generous incoming offers for help to make Taylor's Bucket List come to fruition. Thank you! I am sorry I am a tad overwhelmed as I teach all day and usually head to see Taylor after work, so I promise I will get back to everyone. I will coordinate what the schedule is for events so that I can let everyone know and contact you about Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. I think we have the Birthday all planned and organized...well as much as we can, LOL. Thank you birthday angels!

Today was sort of rough. Taylor was good, wanted to go to school and had fun. She has become some what manic though in filling the days and wanting everything done now. This has been really, really hard for Mindy and Landon as they run to fulfill her wishes, but they are exhausted emotionally and physically. When I get to their house Taylor usually has me writing journal entries or recopying old ones for her various purposes. She can have stacks of these and is so fixated they get done, like now! So Mindy did some digging and she is feeling like she could die every night when she goes to bed, so that is why she wants to do everything and not wait. To say our hearts are broken is an understatement, it feels like those broken pieces just keep getting stomped and smashed into smaller and smaller pieces.

Taylor is also on a higher dose of steroid, and other medications. She can get ramped up, and kind of "mean" (a.k.a. state her mind a little more than she generally does). They told Mindy and Landon its like being on idea what that is like, but I can imagine it's weird. 

I am saying all of this to share why when sometimes you speak to them they may seem off, or maybe they are not responding, or whatever. A lot goes on that we are not sharing and appearances can be very deceiving. We have a fairly good veneer to look like we have it together. We don't. This is also why I appreciate all of the people willing to help. Seriously all of you, neighbours, friends, family, nurses, doctors, psychologists, random people, you really are helping us keep going each day. I cannot explain or thank you all enough. 

Marley has been exceptionally snuggly with taylor the last two days and she is loving it!

I know people have been asking what Taylor likes for gifts, etc. I am not adding this list because I want people to feel they need to get her stuff, more for those that are already planning to but are not sure what she likes. Here is the master list I have received from Mindy tonight:

Taylor’s wish list and likes 

Justice stuff
Clothes or dress with dogs\hotdog\french fries on them
Tall socks\no ankle ones (they slip off easy)

Gift cards or money for.
Dollar tree
Movie passes

Paris themed stuff
Jackets/sweaters with thumb holes/fuzzy/soft ones too/
Tie dye clothes
Starbucks sweater

Stuffies or clothes themes:
Basset hounds
Golden Retrievers
Tabby with stripes
Long haired
Other Animals:

Colors Taylor likes:
Blue, aqua, light grey

Long Sleeve Shirts
Pyjamas (night dresses/long shirts)
Pants (stretchy)
Kimono style sweater (no buttons/zippers)
Stuffies (see above list of puppies, etc.)

Wears size 18/20 at Justice - many other stores don’t carry large enough sizes and women’s clothes can be cut very narrow or too curvy and typically too long, but typically women’s M if it is a roomy fit and stretchy fabric.

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