Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Lemonade Stand in Taylor's Future

Taylor was able to attend her cousin Kiandra's Grade 6 grad last Friday

Well Taylor is in full money grabbing mode! She is wanting to raise money for Kids with Cancer Society, so she is planning to do a lemonade stand, bottle drive and sell cookies. Tonight she offered me a cookie, as well as her Uncle Fred, only for her to tell us after we owed her $5 a cookie, LMAO. So I paid her $10 for 2 cookies. She then was asking if we wanted a drink, only to tell us after we were given drinks that again we owed her $5...oh dear!

So when I am done Diploma marking this week I will sit down with Taylor and we can plan some fundraisers for the Kids with Cancer Society. It is such an amazing society that helps families in so many ways, ways you don't even realize you need. So I will let everyone know about her ideas and ways you could potentially help if you will likely cost you $5, bahahahaha her new fair pricing. She is a very aggressive salesperson, so I am just warning you, she will tolerate no excuses.

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