Monday, March 5, 2018

Busy Weekend!

Fat Burger for Lunch
Well Mindy and Landon have found a place. A friend knew someone that had a house with an upstairs suite that was not being used. They have other puppies and cats, but are willing to move cats out and clean everything as Landon is allergic to cats. They are pretty excited to have found a place, although there were a lot of family offering them their homes.

On Saturday Taylor had a playdate with a neighbour friend from across the street, Rosie. It was so kind of Alicia (the Mom)  to reach out and offer to have Taylor over. Again, I can't believe what awesome neighbours Mindy and Landon have.

I then picked her up and we did some running around and out for lunch as you can see above. Taylor gets a lot of laughs and giggles out of burping and farting. So often when I am over at the Thiessen's, or she is at my place we belch super loud and laugh and critique them. I know I am super mature. So I took her to Fat Burger for lunch with my daughter and her friend, and Taylor was belching away. LMAO I was slightly horrified, and told Taylor we did that at home, but not out in public. It was really funny actually, but reinforced my husband always saying what you let slide at home will slide out in public....just don't tell him that!

We were all pretty tired after running around. We weren't sure if it was the horrible weather, or what. Taylor then helped me make dinner, as we were having them all for dinner so they wouldn't have to eat out seeing as they are still in a hotel. We made some butter chicken, and use rotisserie chickens as a cheat. Taylor did a whole chicken herself! I was so impressed and I must say she is way better at it then I am.

Sunday, Taylor, Mindy and Landon came over for a visit at my place for awhile before going to their Hair Massacure shoot, with the lovely Lorna Dancey as the photographer. I can't wait to see the photos. They then headed to Mom's to wash clothes and have dinner.

Monday, or today, Taylor went to school for the entire day. She was really tired. I think because she had such an amazing time last week she might have pushed herself a bit far today. She is doing really, really well. It is a little odd. Her one side of her face seems to be getting a little better, not as puffy or droopy. Her personality is coming back and she is more joking around with people outside just Mindy, Landon and I. She is more willing to go out and do stuff, always wanting a plan of action. She was planning a birthday party for Marley (their puppy) on the weekend, but due to the house fiasco Mindy is seeking some alternative as Taylor is really concerned we shouldn't miss Marley's birthday.

She is also super pumped about Hair Massacure. She wants to go around their neighbourhood to collect donations. She also got the $2 Kali Bear paper Teddy Bears you see up in stores. She wants to sell some of those as well. I will keep putting the link below for those who might want to donate:

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