Sunday, September 15, 2013

Taylor is FIVE!!!

Five years ago we were told it was unlikely Taylor would ever make it to five...but if she did her maximum survival was only five years...

It's funny to look back, well I guess funny is a bad choice of words, but it seems like this foggy dream, unreal. I remember vividly everything that happened, but it is just so surreal. Right now at school I am having students write, but part of it is me writing beside them. I started this project unknowingly exactly on Taylor's birthday. My topic was when I first was told that something was amiss. As I was writing it hit me that I was writing about Taylor, her birth, on her birthday. So maybe I am supposed to do this, or maybe its the mind playing tricks, or any of a million reasons. What I do know is that Taylor has made a profound change to my life.

What I find truly amazing right now and in the last few years is how "normal" Taylor is, she is so normal in both looks and behaviour. I guess we all expect her to have more "damage". She has scars, but they are largely invisible. She is still an amazingly outgoing little girl with a million watt smile. She is still a brilliant manipulator, getting people to do things she wants them to do. She has started recently to have "attitude", again so blessedly normal. She seems to be getting a bit more shy when surrounded by lots of people, especially if she is not familiar with them. She got pretty tired and overwhelmed at her birthday.

Taylor is also in Kindergarten now! For now everything is normal. I will try and get something posted of her birthday pictures.

Auntie Leah

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