Monday, September 10, 2012

Taylor is FOUR!!!!

Well today marks Taylor's fourth birthday! It seems so long ago, but then so short all at the same time. I remember speeding to the hospital when I got the call that Mindy was "in labour", than laughing at myself as I neared the hospital as I recalled that this usually takes awhile.LOL....of course it did! I was so excited, my baby sister was having her first baby.

It was one of the most amazing nights/days of my life, watching my niece Taylor being born. During Mindy's entire pregnancy I never thought once that something might be the matter with her baby, generally you have a sense, but I can't say, no matter how in tune I feel I am to Mindy that I felt any misgivings.

Everything in the hospital labour room seemed to be going just fine, sure there were things, just nothing out of the ordinary. When Taylor came out I remember my sense of elation and awe, then thinking "Holy crap, she looks just like Landon." LOL I just kept watching though, back and forth from Mindy, to the Doctor, to Mindy and then I saw Mindy realize something was wrong, I can still feel my heartbreaking watching her, I can see her face.

Then the battle raged...

Taylor has fought and won so many battles for a four year old, too many, but she has won, she has defied odds. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing little ray of hope in my life.

Happy Birthday Taylor, Auntie loves you, we all love you!

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