Thursday, December 1, 2011

Taylor has had another CLEAR MRI!!


Taylor had her 3 month scan last friday, November 25th. Of course as always the build up of nerves grew, we all don't really talk about it, to afraid what might happen if we should "jinx" her scan or whatever other crazy thing we feel could happen if too much is said....some of you may understand what I'm talking about, some may not, but needless to say its kind of weird and scientific or true logic, just another way to cope. Mindy took her for her Chicken and fries afterwards of course...I wonder though if we may be teaching her a negative thing with "bad things" equalling "eat foods you like, but are not so good for you", but then I think we have worse things to worry about than obesity.LOL Sorry I am a slight tad twisted.

Yes Taylor is a "dippy" girl! It's so crazy getting over how time flies by and how quickly Taylor is growing up. She speaks, she goes on the potty, she can play by herself (not for long, she prefers to socialize.LOL), she eats on her own and grabs stuff from the fridge....She is pretty amazing. Taylor is quick to fit in with others and does not miss a beat. My daughter had her tenth birthday party at home this past saturday. There were 10 crazy little ten year old girls and Taylor was right in the thick of it all, she let all the girl's now in an extreme psyched OMG "we're doing a craft, we're doing a craft" Taylor wiggled into a chair with the girls at the table and began to do her craft (painting a picture frame).LOL Later amidst the gift opening Taylor told Aaryanna all the things she got her "JEANS!" LOL she was just so excited and so sweet you just want to scoop her up and squeeze.

So on Monday Landon began the "phone every 5-minutes" until they give us results routine...LOL They always have been excellent at the University of Alberta Hospital of letting Mindy and Landon know the results. A CLEAR scan was again Taylor's prognosis. Relief, tears and a huge smile on my face when I got the text. It seems so crazy that Taylor has been given this miracle, where the last few year things were so crazy, but I'm not complaining.

So I will add some more pics of Taylor so you can see how much she has grown. She has been doing fantastic. She is extremely bright (yes I know I'm her auntie, but very important and smart doctors have said the same thing.LOL). Taylor apparently after her appointments today at the hospital (for all her routine checks: hearing, speech, etc) was throwing up, so she may have a touch of a flu bug. She has been plagued by lots of colds and sinus infections of late, but then again she is in a day-care/preschool now, which may have added some new fun bacteria.

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Anonymous said...

Love the new pics and so happy to hear the great news!!! Go Taylor Go!! You are an inspiration to so many!

Ryan's mom