Monday, August 22, 2011

MRI is done

Well Taylor had another MRI under her belt. Luckily Dr. Pugh her neurosurgeon was there and checked her scans. He says they look good to him, which is a HUGE relief. Of course other Doctor's will still be reviewing her scans, but I know Mindy and Landon are relieved not to have had to wait. Mindy said she could not sleep last night and Landon was a that probably would have continued if they had no feedback on the one thing I just can't help but put down here and maybe I'm moralizing, but forgive me, as I don't mean to offend. I hear so much in the news and people talking in general about the healthcare system and how bad the Doctor's are....I have personally had some most AMAZING doctors as well as all Taylor's doctor's. Dr. Pugh has always gone that extra mile for Taylor, so please if you hear anyone saying nasty stuff about these doctor's, nurses and other healthcare providers, remember there are sooo many more amazing ones than bad!

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