Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well hello,
I am being a very bad blogger. Taylor's latest MRI results were in on Friday, February 11, 2011. ALL CLEAR. Mindy said when she was off the phone just vibrating. She laughed and said she probably should have been vibrating before the news, but I think she has been trying to be really brave and not focus to much. I am so relieved with the news. We all seem to get really depressed, edgy, possibly crazy around MRI time so its nice to be sane again.LOL Funny thing is that our Mom who generally is always the more pessimistic this time was completely unfazed. She was like "it's a miracle, so I have to believe." Boy do I love my Mom!

I have not seen my darling girl and think I may be going into withdrawals. I MUST see her this weekend even if I have to just show up at their house and peek through windows.LOL My Mom had her for a sleep over yesterday and has filled me in on all her "latest". Taylor had a "Shut up" session where Taylor told Grandma to "Shut up" and then would say "I don't have to shut up", LMAO I think Mom was wondering what that was all about. Mindy told Mom that she has been doing this a bit lately, but that they tell her that she can't say that, to say "be quiet"....LOL I did the same with my kids, told them it was a "bad" word and they were not allowed to use it. I still think it would be funny to hear Taylor telling people to "be quiet". The nerve of her as she is usually the loud one! LOL She is obviously testing her boundaries.

Grandma was also super impressed with Taylor's potty training, she thinks Taylor is training herself. Yes Grandma, Taylor is BRILLIANT! LOL

On Friday, February 11 Landon, Mindy and myself got to experience a very short volunteer stint at the annual Valentines Day Hair Massacure. What an absolutely amazing event! Landon did decide on shaving his head so he is a bald eagle. I am so thankful we got to be a part of the event. It was so surreal and possibly a sign as I had many "Taylor" registrants (although some different spellings of the name).

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